Since 1978, Two generations of our founders and employees are committed to providing highest quality and economical products / service to our market using environmentally friendly technologies for complete hazardous, electronic waste management, incineration and to re-refine petroleum products. We are committed to protecting mother-nature by providing safest hazardous waste management service, electrical-n-electronic waste management service, recycling/refining used lube oil and manufacturing international quality lube oil products using environmentally friendly technologies and world class quality meeting or exceeding the ISO-9001, ISO-14000, ISI (Indian Standard Institute) and ASTM ( American Society for Testing and Materials) standards. We provide hazardous waste management service through the following facilities:
  • Sahibabad Industrial Area, Ghaziabad, UP (Common HW Incinerator, Recycling/Re-refining Used Lube Oil)
  • Kanpur-Dehat, UP (Common Hazardous Waste Treatment Storage Disposal Facility - CHWTSDF)
  • Mukimpur, Roorkee (Common HW TSDF, Electrical, Electronic Waste Storage, Disposal & Smelting, Waste to Energy Conversion)
  • Sector# 4, SIDCUL-Haridwar (Common Municipal Solid Waste Management, Composting, SLF)
BOWML is licensed by:
  • Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas (Dept. of Petroleum, Chemicals), Government of India, and registered with Ministry of Environment & Forest
  • CPCB for used oil re-refining
  • UP Pollution Control Board for used oil re-refining & common hazardous waste incineration at Sahibabad Industrial Area, Ghaziabad, UP
  • UP Pollution Control Board for Secured Landfill, Common HW Incinerator, Laboratory / TSDF at Kanpur-Dehat, UP
  • MoeF & Uttrakhand PCB for Secured Landfill, Common Incinerator (TSDF), E-Waste Disposal, Smelting and Waste to Energy Conversion at Mukimpur, Uttrakhand
The entire services in Waste management offered by Bharat Oil & Waste Management Ltd. ("BOWML") are operated with complete care to/for the environment, health and safety, while ensuring compliance with all the environmental regulations with specific reference to:
  • Environment Protection Act, 1986
  • Hazardous Waste Management & Handling Rules, 1989, 2003, 2008
  • Biomedical Waste management & Handling Rules, 1998
  • Municipal Solid Waste Management & Handling, 2000
We help solve all these concerns, protecting the environment, with full compliance of CPCB/MoeF/ SPCB / MNC's, with highest quality, care, customer service/experience at lowest possible costs.

We help protect mother-nature through
  1. Hazardous Waste Recycling, Storage, Treatment & Disposal Facility/Service
  2. Electrical & Electronic Waste Storage & Disposal Facility
  3. Used Petroleum oil Recycling/Refining, blending & manufacture of all grades of lube oils.
  4. Municipal Waste Management, Waste to Energy Conversion
We need support from ethical multi-national corporations/firms, government departments and pollution control boards to help protect mother-nature through reducing the generation and subsequent impact of hazardous waste. We continuously work hard to train employees, upgrade our plants quality and efficiency using innovative technologies and equipment imported from US and Europe. We manufacture, re-refine and distribute wide variety of lubricating oil (Engine, Transformer, and Base Oil) throughout India.
We store over 1,000,000 liters of the following products, which we can ship with in 1 day notice to our clients.
Engine / Motor Oil - All grades - 20, 30, 40, 50 Rust-preventive oil
Base Oil (Neutral-100,Neutral-300, Neutral-500) Hydraulic oil
White Oil/Cosmetic Oil Rubber Processing Oil
Transformer Oil Gear oil
Gear Oil Shuttering oil

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